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Picture the scene:The little scout vessel is bravely battling the star cruiser around a deserted mining asteroid. The pilot (who resembles a tumbleweed) is trying to keep the ship steady as he throws it into another turn. The marine (who looks like a bowl full of earthworms) throws himself into an empty missile and launches himself into space. The engineer (a gorgeous woman because no sci-fi

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Why isn't there a link to the current Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition here on the page for the 1st edition? Why isn't Gorilla Games running banner ads for the Kickstarter campaign? Why aren't there more posts here about the Kickstarter campaign? Do the

Battlestations: Second Edition! Tabletop Starship Simulator by Jeff Siadek — Kickstarter

Jeff Siadek is raising funds for Battlestations: Second Edition! Tabletop Starship Simulator on Kickstarter! 16 years in the the making here comes the long-awaited Second Edition of the classic game of heroic starship adventure.

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Gorilla Games Boardgame Battlestations (Revised 1.1 Ed) VG+ | eBay

Gorilla Games Boardgame Battlestations (Revised 1.1 Ed) VG+ | Toys & Hobbies Games Board & Traditional Games | eBay! 賣家結束刊登物品,因為刊登內容有誤。

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Battlestations is played by having one player playing the role of referee as Game Master. The other players create characters who will man a capital star ship and try to accomplish missions for the Galactic Federation. This game is only limited by your creativity. Don't miss out on a chance to experience a truly unique game.

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3d Zoallan Frigate

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Designer(s) Jeff Siadek Publisher(s) Gorilla Games Players 2-8 Best With 5 Play Time Epic - Over 3 Hours Suggested Age 12+ Are you a hero? You and your crewmates man the battlestations of a working starship moving around on the module layout to maneuver

Battlestations: The Starships... by Jeff Siadek — Kickstarter

You've already got the base game. This tier gets you only the Battlestations Second Edition Advanced Rulebook plus the starships miniatures. It includes all stretch goals. (Advanced Rulebook ships now and The Starships ships later). Includes: 300 page Advanced

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